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Rocket Artists Studios  

For people with a learning disability, people facing communication barriers or who are looking for autism friendly opportunities to: 

  • use quality materials to make art    

  • develop and learn new skills     

  • be ambitious and creative with your own ideas   

  • explore exhibiting, sharing or selling artwork    

Discover, develop and share your creativity with unique support

Our dedicated Studio supports people to develop creative skills by providing skilled artist-facilitators, professional materials and resources, dedicated studio space and opportunities for professional development.

Sign up for a 12 week term in the Studio. You will have a dedicated space to make your art alongside a small group of other artists with support from our trained inclusive arts facilitators to:

  • make plans to achieve goals, develop ideas and have creative ambitions

  • practice new art skills and develop confidence as an artist

  • make choices with art materials and techniques

  • find ways to present, share, exhibit or sell your work, if you wish

  • explore opportunities to connect with other artists 

Elliott and Milad Open Studios
Beth's wise words
Kelvin Burke, elephant, acrylic and pen on canvas
IMGP0010 copy
MATEB NOIUD by Martyn Lake
image 50a
image 39
image 14
We believe all people should have access to the arts and that it is valuable for artists of all abilities to make work together

"Art and relationships = important"

Beth, Rocket Artist

"The confidence and focus is evident the moment you walk in the space, and thats inspiring. So important to see this dedicated space within a mainstream arts setting" Visitor

"J comments all the time to us at home about how happy she is with the activities she does at Rockets Studios" Keyworker

"His confidence has grown since coming here, doing things beyond expectations. Wonderful" Parent

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