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What's the Future for an inclusive society?

See the Actions that came from the 20-20 Visioning seminar, Tate Modern. Sign up and connect with like-minded people. Get involved! (see more here)

Supported Artists Studios  

We support people with a learning disability to develop their creative skills. We provide skilled artist-facilitators, studio space and opportunities for professional development. We believe all people should have access to the arts and that it is interesting for artists with and without learning disabilities to make work together. Contact us for more details

Together with university art students

Undergraduate students from the School of Art, Design and Media at the University of Brighton work with the Rocket Artists as part of their 2nd year extension study.

The project believes in the benefits of inclusion, people with and without learning disabilities interested in making art and working together.

Research projects

Equal benefit

The Rocket Artists and university students equally benefit from working together. 

They can:

  • Find new exciting ways to make artwork together;

  • Teach each other artistic skills;

  • Share ideas and experiences;

  • Discover new artists;

  • Find new ways to express themselves;

  • Explore new digital technology;

  • Learn about setting up and delivering community-based arts projects.


‘Sharing our ideas and working together creatively was exciting and inspiring. Together we have built a friendship and I learned more than I could have imagined.’ 

Charlie Henry, university student

MA Inclusive Arts Practice,

University of Brighton


A unique course designed for artists who want to work with diverse groups and for people with an arts background working in the health, education or community sector. The structure is designed to support and enhance students practice in their current place/s of work and/or towards the development of new work and opportunities. See here for more about the MA course

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