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Measures of Bodies Exhibition and Performance in Brussels

September 2009 – May 2010

A four-month long exhibition at the Musee de la Medecine. The Rocket Artists responsed to the theme of 'bodies' producing drawings from life and observation, and developing their ideas using printmaking, charcoal, paint, chalk, and ink.

The Measures of Bodies project ran from September 2009 – May 2010. Rocket Artists made visual artworks in response to the broad theme of 'bodies' towards a four-month long exhibition at Musee de la Medecine in Brussels, May – September 2010. Weekly workshops at Phoenix Brighton included life drawing, observational drawing and developing ideas from research material to make new work in a range of media including printmaking, charcoal, paint, chalk, ink on paper.

60 Jars Rocket Artists and University of Brighton students made a site-specific artwork in the museum to replace the museums existing collection of sample jars with 60 newly labelled jars containing autobiographical text and body sculptures. Thereby taking on the role as 'labeller' the artists redefine their identity to challenge a culture of stereotypes and deficit models.

Performance Rocket Artists and performers without learning disabilities worked over five months to develop a new performance that explored the themes of identity, heart as pump and emotional centre and our unique bodies through dance. Duets were performed by artists with and without learning disabilities in the Grande Salle of the museum on the opening night with a live heartbeat soundtrack.

  • Director: Alice Fox Lead Artist: Ella Ritchie Choreographer: Jacobus Flynn.

  • Live sound: Tina Jenner and Geoff Reader Recorde sound: Tim Sagar.

  • Performers: Alice Fox, Louella Forrest, Graham Evans, Jacobus Flynn.

  • Exhibiting Rocket Artists: Kelvin Burke, John Cull, Peter Cutts, Louella Forrest, Shirley Hart, Tina Jenner, Desmond Lake, Pat Morgan.

  • 60 Jars: Rocket Artists, A2A students, University of Brighton students, Jane Fox and Ella Ritchie

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