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Overalls - over and over

Its hard to believe that the Overalls project is nearly 9 years old. Its was such a definitive project in terms of research and teaching methods and the beautiful images that came from it are still powerful visuals that articulate inclusive arts practice.

Overalls was an a2a Research project

Overalls Project was an investigation into whether it is useful to note down ideas and experiences on our painting overalls when they happen. Research by Alice Fox and Jane Fox

Overalls book

A book documenting the ten-week overalls project with full colour images. 96 pages.

Overalls film

A 15 minute film documenting the process of the overalls project with interviews with the participants by Alice Fox and Hipster Medium.

Overalls – A pocket guide

A multi-folded single-sheet of A4 paper designed to show ways of using overalls as a visual diary.

Overalls was funded by InQbate with support from LearnHigher CETL and InQbate

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