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Collaborative etchings by William Thomas and Aaron Parish

William is a Rocket Artist and Aaron is a Printmaking student at University of Brighton. Here they reflect on their collaboration and the resulting artwork, shown in Work in Progress: Towards Inclusion, Phoenix Art Gallery, March 2020

Aaron: "Working with Will has been an amazing exploration into a new way of mark-making. The wide range of tools that William uses has opened up a whole new thought process around how printmaking, particularly etching, could be pushed. I had a lot of fun and I hope other people have the opportunity of collaborating with Rocket Artists in the future."

William said that he enjoyed learning new skills and was pleased about how well it had gone - working with another artist that he hadn't known or worked with before. “Since working with Aaron, I’ve carried on printing and exploring new techniques. I’m currently doing my Gold Arts Award and I would love to hear your thoughts on this artwork. Please send your comments to

Image: Collaborative etchings by William Thomas and Aaron Parish

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