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Listen to Ruby; Poet in residence

Here is the full poem written and read by Ruby Dine who was Rocket's Poet in Residence during the recent exhibition Work In Progress:Towards Inclusion. The 7 week ACE supported exhibition opened March 6th for 1 week before the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown closed the gallery at Phoenix Art Space.

We are so grateful to Ruby, with support of Rachel Norwood, for creating this response to the exhibition which enables us to keep Work In Progress alive during lockdown.

Click here to listen to Ruby's poem:


Top Row: Work In Progress poster (artwork by Martyn Lake), Johnny Carroll Pell oil painting, Edwina Slinn book work and animation.

Row 2: June Hall installation weave, Johnny Carroll Pell oil painting, Kelvin Burke wall planner

Row 3: Beth Mackrill textiles (installation detail), Louella Forrest Doctors coat (participatory installation detail), John Cull portraits in chalk pastel

Row 4: Milad, wax drawing, Katie Palacio-Farmer canvas, Louella Forrest NHS invitation

Row 5: Kelvin Burke, invitation to relax (Foundation group panels: behind), Louella Forrest detail 'NHS, care and Important people', Exhibition window signage

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