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Message from the Museum

Dear Rockets, if you like jigsaws here is a link to a painting by William Gunning King. Its of a Sussex Village and Brighton Museum has turned it into an online jigsaw

Harting Village & Pond (100 pieces) Harting Village & Pond was painted by William Gunning King. Complete this 100 piece puzzle below, or view it in full screen. More information View and download this image from our Digital Media Bank

Heres the picture I sent last week. 

The Flowers were also painted by William Gunning King, in the stores at the Museum we have lots of his paintings, he was very keen on painting the countryside and animals, he painted a lot of cows. Painting farm animals was the main way he earned money from the age of 40.

With Very Best Wishes, Susan Eskdale, Lead for Community Engagement & Be Bold, Royal Pavilion & Museums (Brighton & Hove)

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