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Work In Progress: Towards Inclusion - creative ways forward

Although our exhibition and events programme: Work In Progress: Towards Inclusion is currently closed (due to social distancing measures to combat Covid19) we are still working together, remotely, to find creative ways forward.

Rockets Virtual Studios began 16th March; using technology and creative strategies to maintain connection with individual Rocket Artists and our community partners. This means that we are still able to keep the spirit of Work In Progress alive, and can continue the journey we were so lucky to start on March 6th. We are curious to see where new and different paths take us and hope to share what we find with you here on this blog.

Work in Progress: Towards Inclusion is funded by Arts Council England and in partnership with Phoenix Art Space. Click through the arrows below to see a selection of images from the open event 6th March. All photos copyright Natasha Bidgood.

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