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Visiting Artists

Hannah Macpherson

Dr Hannah Macpherson is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Brighton. Her interests include feminist, post-structural and new-materialist theories with a research focus on the physical and imaginative spaces of disability, landscape and arts practice. She enjoys creative, collaborative research and writing projects that intend to make a positive difference in the world. Her work has appeared in a range of peer-reviewed academic journals including Environment and Planning, Cultural Geographies and The Senses & Society, and she has published numerous book chapters. She coordinates the disability ethics and aesthetics research group at the University of Brighton, and has just completed an Arts & Humanities Research Council-funded research project on visual arts practice for resilience.


See more about Hannah publications


Peter Gates

Peter is a designer and photographer who worked with the Rocket Artists during the Side by Side project.


He took the photographs used for the front cover of the book 'Inclusive Arts Practice and Research' and worked with Jo Offer on the typsetting and layout for the book.


See more of Peter's work here:

and here


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