Ways of working

Our supported Studio is the space we develop our own art and design practices. The studio is within a mainstream central Brighton arts community of over 100 other artists. Sessions run throughout the week. If you, or someone you know may like to attend, please get in touch to arrange a visit:

We also work with University of Brighton art students. The MA in Inclusive Arts Practice at the School of Art evolved from the radical arts project (a2a) in which artists with learning disabilities worked alongside undergraduate art students. This pioneering model for inclusive learning has been established since 2004 and now provides a unique platform for research into learning and teaching methods. Students are trained in inclusive practices and alongside them Rocket Artists learn and teach collaborative methods, develop art design and leadership skills and engage in meaningful exchanges. This radical way of working was acknowledged by the Times Higher Education Award for innovative arts education presented to MA IAP founder, Rocket Artists member and founding Director, Alice Fox See here for more information about MA Inclusive Arts Practice.

See our films and books pages.

We work in partnerships and fundraise to create and exhibit work for public events Projects include our forthcoming Work In Progress, Art By Johnny: exploring collaborative Curation, Channel 3, Artists on the Move, Measures of Bodies, Overalls and Side by Side