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Actions for Inclusive Society

Get involved, take Action, Side by Side

We invited 60 people to a 2020 visioning seminar at Tate Modern on July 1st, 2015. People came from a wide range of organisations that support learning disability arts: funders, skills and learning co-ordinators, inclusive arts facilitator, educators, artists, journalists, managers, key workers and academics.


Together we explored what needs to happen for a more inclusive society in the future, by the year 2020. We discussed the things that are challenging and then drew our solutions onto a coat pattern - which we plan to get made into a coat.  Then everyone shared an Action to could start things off and invited each other to say when that should happen and to join forces if they wanted to be part of an Action group. We are putting those people in touch with each other.


You can get involved! 

See all the Actions on the side of the page, and below as 3 lists

  • is there is an Action you would like to get involved with? 

  • is there is one you are already doing?


Please let us know by using the email form at the bottom of the page:


Share stories

Pool resources

Share skills

Use whats available

Network and community gatherings

Construct communities

Use public spaces

Create space for fruitful collisions

Take art everywhere for everyone

Enable ambition

Get it out there 

Prioritise the tough stuff

Creative hack day

More publicity

More representation on steering committees

Get to know your audience(s)

Improvised performances and daily actions

Opportunities for families with learning disabled members

Celebrate the everyday-ness of difference

Celebrate shyness day

More projects, more performances, more people, more support and key workers, more public spaces, more time





Listen and unlearn

Keep talking and showing

Be responsive

Use clear language and systems

Develop shared language

Rebuild conventions - start thinking differently

Consult children (other target groups) in decision-making

Allow equality and inclusive practice to inform all events, exhibitions and activities

Advocate that all funding is spent in inclusive ways

Allow arts organisations to be more fluid and able to respond meaningfully to different life experiences


Let us know what you are doing or sign up HERE to join an ACTION group 


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