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Museum postcard 7

Here's our latest message from Brighton Museum Art collection sent by Susan Eskdale.

She says: "Hello, I thought I would send you a bit of information about the picture I sent you last time. The man in the photo is Ron Cunningham whose stage name was The Great Omani. He kept performing into his 90's becoming the oldest Escapologist & Stuntman in the World. He would perform daring stunts in front of audiences or put himself into dangerous situations that people thought he couldn't or wouldn't be able to escape from, much to the thrill of the watching crowds he always did, even from below water.

He lived for many years in Brighton & Hove and has a bus dedicated to him.

To mark the Queen's silver Jubilee in 1977 he did a handstand on the cliff edge at Beachy Head, with a flag between his legs, I don't know if the Queen knows, it is certainly different from the street parties that lots of people attended.

Hope you are all well, look forward to finding something new to share next week.

With very best wishes, Susan

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