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Postcard 5 from Brighton Museum

See the latest postcard from Susan Eskdale at Brighton Musuem - here's what she says about this last image:

"The last postcard I sent showed

a Jubilee Beacon constructed at Hollingbury Hill Fort, 1935. I think - from what they are wearing - that the people who built it were Scouts.

The Beacon was built to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V. It would have been set alight like a bonfire and there would have been other Beacons set alight at the same time. The Silver Jubilee marked 25 years of him being King - in this image he is celebrating with his family.

Here is another kind of Beacon, which could be lit to show where land was before there were lighthouses. I hope you find it interesting too, maybe also inspiring?

Hope you are all well. With very Best Wishes" Susan Eskdale, Brighton Museum

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